We couldn’t do all of our important work without the dedication and time put into the Center’s programs and operations by our staff, Board Members, volunteers, and community advocates. Thanks for all you do! Below are lists of MFCC award recipients, just a few of the Parent Child Center heroes who’ve supported the community over the years.

Val O’Reilly Award

In honor of one of our heroes, Valerie O’Reilly, the Milton Family Community Center created the Val O’Reilly Award to recognize every year one of its community members for their unwavering commitment and dedication to improving the lives of children and families at the Milton Family Community Center. Val served on the Board of Directors from 1996 to 2004. During her time on the MFCC Board she avidly advocated for high quality programs for children and families. She modeled for the rest of us the importance of persistence in making sure important issues that affect children and families are addressed and for being a positive voice for others who are not able to have their own voice heard. It is in her honor that we carry on the tradition of serving our community with honor and pride.

Recipients of the Val O’Reilly Award:

2004: Charlotte Parot

2005: Brenda Tourangeau

2006: Jennifer Golding-Hayes

2007: Laurie Darling

2008: Erica Howard

2009: Vikki Patterson

2010: Janet Richards

2011: Ron Pinard

2012: Katharina Badger

2013: Laura Olsen

2014: Kelly Hughes

2015: Martha Nolin

2016: Melanie Dulude

2017: Sara Robinson

2018: Janice Burrows

2019: Jessica Hood

2020: Lauren Turmel

2021: Darcy Millett & April Botala

Elsie LaBelle Gift of Giving Award

The Elsie LaBelle Gift of Giving Award recognizes a volunteer who is dedicated to sharing their time and talent to strengthen children, families and their community.

Elsie LaBelle, a long time Milton resident and MFCC Volunteer was lost to her community following a cancer battle in 2015. Elsie personified, ‘the gift of giving.’ She was the ultimate volunteer. She attended MFCC events without having to be asked. Her smile graced our food shelf and front office for many years. Following her passing, The Elsie LaBelle Gift of Giving Award was created in her honor to the MFCC Volunteer who continues her legacy though dedication, to Milton, MFCC and the children and families it serves.

Recipients of the Elsie LaBelle Gift of Giving Award:

2017: Diana Chemberlin, Vanessa Fleming, Sondra Hill

2018: Arnie Parot

2019: Aline Burritt

2020: Anna Cadmus

2021: Todd Buik & Ceejay Badger

Michael W. Lane Quest for Excellence Community Service Award

It is with great leadership that great organizations are formed and sustained. In 2003 Michael Lane joined the Milton Family Community Center Board of Directors. Mike brought with him an energy and passion that was unbelievably contagious and soon took on the position of Board President. Mike then proceeded to guide the MFCC Board and Staff through what he fondly called a “quest for excellence.” Mike inspired us all to look deep within ourselves and find the strengths that we already had and to use those strengths to move the Milton Family Community Center forward toward a future that at one time we would only dare to dream about. It is in his honor that we created the Michael W. Lane Quest of Excellence Community Service Award. This award recognizes an individual who strives for excellence, exhibits exceptional leadership, and is committed to promoting the positive growth and overall vision of the Milton Family Community Center.

Recipients of the Michael W. Lane Quest for Excellence Community Service Award:

2005: Michael W. Lane

2006: Jeanne O’Bryan

2007: Erica Marks

2008: Lynn Delaney

2009: Robert Emery

2010: Tammy Sweet

2011: Deborah Jorschick

Thank you for being the heroes that you are! Your efforts are and always will be greatly appreciated!