If you would like to reach a member of our staff via email, use the first letter of their first name and their full last name @miltonfamilycenter.org

Example: Gabby Fenton is gfenton@miltonfamilycenter.org

Community Center Office

Nicole Sener, Executive Director

Melanie Dulude, Associate Director

Brenda Tourangeau, Learning Together Coordinator

Sara Robinson, CIS Family Support Worker/Parent Educator/Playgroup Facilitator

Benjamin (Ben) Gilbert, Community Outreach Manager

Gabrielle (Gabby) Fenton, Administrative Assistant

Milton After School Kids (M.A.S.K)

Lindsay Lott, MASK Director

Janet Lamb, Program Staff

Darcy Millette, Program Staff

Katharina Badger, Program Staff

Samantha (Sam) Ovitt, Program Staff

Icarus Somerville, Program Staff

Lilly Thatcher, Program Staff

Melissa Morse, Program Staff,

Paula Bombard, Program Staff

Paula Fenton, Program Staff

Breanna Libby, Aide

Colbie Miller, Aide

Early Childhood Programs

Mary Murray, Early Childhood Program Director

Preschool Program

Abigayle (Abby) Oquendo,  Teacher

Toddler 2 Program

Stephen Fitzpatrick, Teacher

Allison (Allie) Harms,  Teacher

Toddler 1 Program

Martha Nolin, Teacher

Cameryne (Cami) Hemingway, Teacher

Infant Program

Ava Perry, Teacher

Heather Stygles, Teacher

Early Head Start Program