Welcome to the Milton Family Community Center! The Milton Family Community Center became a resource for families in the Milton area in 1985. First located in an old house on Main Street, our programs moved to a former medical clinic on Villemaire Lane in 2000. Throughout MFCC has provided supports to families including home visits and coaching, high quality childcare, playgroups, parent education, support groups and concrete supports through our food shelf and financial assistance. As one of 15 state-designated parent child centers in Vermont, MFCC partners with families to give young children a healthy start and reduce stressors on parents/caregivers so that they can be present for the children in their care. This combined prevention and intervention model is applicable to everyone. We firmly believe ALL families have strengths and room for growth, and MFCC creates a community where peer to peer support thrives, and families can find the help they need while also helping others. Our work is about strengthening the whole community by building connections between neighbors.