July 2019

Linda Iler

Over a year ago, Linda joined our food shelf team at the request of her friend and walking partner Aline Burritt. Linda lends her time and talent to MFCC every Tuesday and Friday morning by assisting with the weighing, packing and distributing of Food Rescue Program donations from Hannaford and Madeline’s Bakery. Her attention to detail allows for accurate measurement and recording of donations so the Vermont Foodbank can give donors well- deserved recognition of their generosity. Her dedication to order keeps me in line   with reminders to order supplies and the monthly TFAP Commodities.

 Linda quickly bonded with the other volunteers and made them her friends. The group can be heard chatting about family, friends and crafts and often laughing as they efficiently come together to make sure that our community gets healthy food and a donut or two. Thank you Linda!

Learning Together 2

May 2019

Patricia Grether

MFCC is pleased to recognize Pat Grether as our Volunteer of the month. Pat joined the Milton Family Community Center in June of 2018 as part of an employment training program in collaboration with the Vermont Associates for Development and Training. The goal that Pat made for herself in coming to MFCC was to increase her knowledge of customer service and office management. Very quickly, it became evident to all of us at MFCC that Pat was an outstanding Ambassador of our organization. She is courteous, reliable, supportive, efficient, and very willing to learn new skills. She became a vital
administrative assistant to her job site supervisor and mentor Jessica Hood, MFCC Office Manager.

Pat has been a valuable addition to the MFCC team since day one and has long been deserving of praise. She came to us to learn and in the process taught us a great deal about dedication, efficiency, and professionalism. Pat is now moving on to a new volunteer work training placement outside of MFCC, where she can use the skills she learned here and move up to a new career goal. We want Pat to remember that even when volunteers move on to a different place, they always remain a special member of the MFCC family. We are so thankful that Pat chose us as her initial placement, and we
wish her well in all of her future endeavors.

Pat n Jess

Dear Pat,

The last 10 months working beside you have been absolutely wonderful. When you came to MFCC, you were always open to learning new things and taking on tasks. You made training you easy, because you already came with so much life experience. You have been a perfect addition to the office team. You have put smiles on the faces of our staff, volunteers, children and constituents every single day. Your class and character cannot be compared – you are one of a kind. You quickly became my partner here at MFCC. I owe you a debt of gratitude for all that you have done for me, and for our organization. I am so proud of you, and your accomplishments in moving forward with your training program. This is what our partnership is all about. I will miss you immensely, but I hope you know that you are always welcomed here at MFCC, and will forever be in our hearts. Congratulations on your new adventure – we are all cheering you on!

With love, Jessica

March 2019

Vanessa Fleming

Vanessa  Fleming has been part of of our volunteer corps since the year 2000 as a member of our Women With Purpose group This group is dedicated to helping MFCC.,as well as  the Milton community, while supporting each other. Vanessa is  a constant enthusiastic recruiter of people to join WWP or other parts of the MFCC Family. She is very helpful and supportive of other people and MFCC through her work in our Emergency Food Shelf. She comes in every day to organize the food shelf and prepare  bags for food shelf customers. She will occasionally make volunteer appearances at MFCC special events as our ‘ tiger mascot’. She loves to see the excited reactions of the children to her costume. It makes her day! Vanessa is an excellent ambassador for the Milton Family Community Center who shares her love of its work with the entire community. Thank you Vanessa!

LMD Vanessa chooses green.jpg
Vanessa at our Let’s Make a Deal Event 2016