What is Milton Mentors?

The Milton Mentors program is a community-based mentoring program and an e-mentoring program matching youths with adult and high school volunteers who are connected to the Milton community.

The Milton Mentors program had its beginnings as a part of a small community-based organization, the Milton Community Youth Coalition (MCYC). After the dissolution of MCYC in 2023, the Milton Mentor program has joined forces with the Milton Family Community Center (MFCC)!

Our community-based mentoring program matches spend a minimum of 4 hours a month with one another. We make every effort to match volunteers and youth based upon common interests and similar personalities to help build an enjoyable and trusting relationship that often lasts for years to come.

Our e-mentoring program matches 3rd & 4th grade Milton Afterschool Kids (MASK) students with adults or high school students through the CricketTogether E-mentoring portal. Mentors and mentees become friends through weekly on-line letter writing throughout the school year with options to join in-person celebrations. 

Why it matters

Youth mentoring has been proven to be one of the most successful methods of building a young person’s developmental assets. Through the Milton Mentors program, MFCC aims to increase young people’s connection to the community, create positive relationships with caring and consistent role models, and ultimately help young people become successful, healthy adults.

Who can become a mentor?

A mentor is someone who is able to respect youth and their right to make their own choices in life. Someone who is able to listen and accept different points of view and empathize with others. Someone who believes that all youth are worthy. Someone who realizes that mentoring is a journey and not a destination.    

What should I expect?

Milton youth between 3rd and 8th grade can enter the program, but you can stay with your match through graduation if you want. Matches are asked to plan to spend an hour a week together. MFCC provides training and support for mentors, and offers regular group programming for everyone in Milton Mentors!

How do I get started?

Fill out an online application, and our Mentoring Coordinator, Christine, will guide you through the application process. Once we have your application, you’ll meet with our Mentoring Coordinator so we can get to know you and you can decide if youth mentoring is right for you. We host mentor training sessions where you’ll learn more about mentoring, have all your questions answered, and connect with the mentoring community. We will match you with a young person who shares similar interests with you.

Do you want to refer a youth to the Milton Mentors program? Fill out the Milton Mentors Youth Referral form here!

Have questions? Email Christine at clynch@miltonfamilycenter.org.

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