Vermont created the Children’s Integrated Services Program to make sure every child, every pregnant woman, and every family with young children has the opportunity to succeed. The Children’s Integrated Services Program is a resource for families when they have questions or concerns about their child’s development during pregnancy, infancy and early childhood.

Parents and professionals work together to:

  • Learn about your child’s growth and development
  • Provide screenings if there are questions or concerns about your child’s development. This will help to determine if CIS services can help.
  • Coordinate and provide the best possible services for your child and family

MFCC’s Family Support Workers are part of the local CIS team.  The CIS team includes other professionals with expertise in social work and family support; maternal/child health and nursing; child development and early intervention; early childhood and family mental health; child care; and other specialties (e.g., nutrition, speech and language therapy).

Your local CIS team can:

  • Help develop an action plan for your child and family;
  • Provide resources and services and/or make referrals;
  • Support you in accessing child care and/or development programs; and
  • Help you through any transitions to other community services.

Call United Way’s 211 for a free referral to the local CIS Coordinator.

Or go to for more information